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                  Polyethylene (PE) pipes for water supply

                  Polyethylene  (PE) pipes for water supply
                  Polyethylene  (PE) pipes for water supply
                  Polyethylene  (PE) pipes for water supply
                  Polyethylene  (PE) pipes for water supply
                  Polyethylene  (PE) pipes for water supply
                  PE80 or PE100
                  Pressure Rating
                  0.6MPa, 0.8MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa
                  Place of Origin
                  20mm ~ 1600mm
                  Payment items
                  T/T L/C
                  We are a manufacturer and supplier of polyethylene (PE) pipes for water from China. We provide various specifications of high-quality polyethylene (PE) pipes for water. If you are looking for polyethylene (PE) pipes for water supply, we will be your best choice.

                  Polyethlene (PE) pipes for water supply detailed parameters

                  • Material: PE80 or PE100

                  • Pressure Rating: 0.6MPa, 0.8MPa, 1.0MPa,      1.25MPa, 1.6MPa

                  • Place of Origin: China

                  • Size: 20mm ~ 1600mm

                  • Standard: GB/T13663-2000,      ISO4427-2007

                  • Colors: Blue, Black with blue      stripes, Other colors are also available upon request

                  • ApplicationsMunicipal water supply, Commercial & Residential water      supply , Industrial liquids transportation, Sewage treatment

                  • Service Life: 50 years at rated      temperature and pressure

                  • Working Temperature: under 40

                  • Price:

                  • Payment items: T/T L/C

                  • Port: Qingdao

                  • Pipe Connection:The connection  types of PE water pipe and PE gas pipe include electro fusion and butt fusion.


                  Polyethylene (PE) pipes for water welding principle

                  The general principle of the PE pipe welding is that the polyethylene melts in 190-240 ℃ range(generally, melting temperature of different grades of raw materials is also different), then if the melting pipes can be fully contacted with the proper pressure (the pressure of electro fusion comes from expansion of polyethylene itself in the process of melting), after cooling they can be melted into a entirety firmly. Flange connection or plastics-steel transition joint should be used when PE water pipe or PE gas pipe connects with pipe, valve and fittings of other materials

                  Advantages of Polyethylene (PE) pipes for water:

                  • Polyethylene (PE) pipes Non-toxic: no heavy metal additives, no dirt, no secondary      pollution caused by bacterium

                  • Corrosion Resistant: resist chemical mediator corrosion and      electron chemical corrosion

                  • Polyethylene (PE) pipes are Low Flow Resistance: smooth inner wall and low friction result      in low flow resistance and high volume

                  • Excellent Flexibility: can be coiled

                  • Polyethylene (PE) pipes are Easy Installation: light weight and can be carried and      installed easily

                  • Polyethylene (PE) pipes are Long service life: safe for more than 50 years at rated      temperature and pressure

                  • Various connection type: butt fusion joint, electro fusion      joint

                  • Polyethylene (PE) pipes are Recycled and Environment-friendly


                  Supply Polyethylene (PE) pipes for water G specification 































































































































































































































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                  // Our Pipe //

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                  New Fusion Machine

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                  Portable Butt Fusion Machine 20mm-63mm for PE,PPR,PP Welding
                  Portable Butt Fusion Machine 20mm-63mm for PE,PPR,PP Welding

                  "HAILI" fusion machine comes in handy in tight spaces due to its narrow profile
                  Heater adapters are...

                  DN 20-32mm Butt Fusion portable Welding Machine Equipment for PP,PPR,PE
                  DN 20-32mm Butt Fusion portable Welding Machine Equipment for PP,PPR,PE

                  Heater adapters are manufactured in accordance with ASTM F 1056 and are coated with stick-resistant ...

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